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Samsung High Drain INR21700-33J 3.2A 3300mAh High Capacity 3.6V Li-ion Rechargeable Flat Top Battery


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Samsung High Drain INR21700-33J 3.2A 3300mAh High Capacity 3.6V Li-ion Rechargeable Flat Top Battery

Brand Name : Samsung

Model Number : PW1206

Certification : CE, RoHS

Place of Origin : Korea

MOQ : 200

Price : 2.86

Payment Terms : Paypal, Western Union, T/T

Supply Ability : 1000000pcs

Delivery Time : within 2 to 5 days

Packaging Details : white paper box

Top style : Flat top

Rechargealbe : Yes

Size : 21700

Capacity : 3300mAh

Color : Gray

Model : Samsung INR21700-33J

Selling Point : Samsung original, INR21700 size, high drain battery

Application : power bank, power tools, flashlights, ecig mods, RC drone

Shipment : DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx, UTEC, EMS, China Post

Payment : Paypal, Western Union, T/T

Note : Do not over charge the battery

Skype : power4world

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Samsung High Drain INR21700-33J 3.2A 3300mAh High Capacity 3.6V Li-ion Rechargeable Flat Top 3.7V Battery

Skype: power4world

Official specifications:

Standard discharge capacity Typ 3,270mAh,
Typ 12.0Wh Min 11.4Wh
- Charge: 0.5C(1600mA),4.2V,
0.02C(64mA) cut-off @ RT
- Discharge : 0.2C(640mA), 3.0V cutoff @ RT
* 1C = 3,200mA
Rated discharge capacity Typ 11.4Wh Min. 10.83Wh
- Charge: CP E/2 to 4.1V then CV 4.1V 0.05C
(160mA) cut off rest 10min @23±3oC
- Discharge : CP E/2, 3.0V cut-off rest 10min
Lot mean Typ energy: 11.28 Wh
Lot size: 10k cells
Charging voltage (1*) 4.10V
Nominal voltage 3.56V (Rated discharge energy condition)
Charging method CP-CV
(constant voltage with limited current)
C-rate 1C-rate: 3,200mA
Discharge cut-off voltage 3.00V
Cycle life: 2000cycle
Cell weight 62.0±1.5g
Cell dimension
(W/O tube, W/O Washer)
Refer to cell drawing Appendix. 1
Max. height to top : 70.15mm
Max. height to crimping : 70.15mm
Max. upper diameter : 21.1mm
Operating temperature (1*)
(Cell surface temperature)
Charge : 0 to 60ºC
Discharge: -20 to 60ºC
According to recommended cell usage range of the
Table1 & 2
Storage temperature (2*) 1 year : -20~23ºC
3 months : -20~45ºC
1 month : -20~60ºC
1 week : -30~60ºC
1 day : -40~60ºC

Discharge rate capabilities
Discharge capacity according the discharging current is measured with 3.0V
cut-off after the standard charge is as follows,

Discharge Condition
Current 0.2C (640mA) 0.5C (1,600mA) 1C (3,200mA) 2C (6,400mA)
Relative capacity 100% 95% 90% 80%

Note: Typical capacity(3,270mAh) is 100% as an index of the relative capacity.

About the product:
  • This is the new 21700 battery size that is slightly larger than 18650 cells. This cell is a high drain cell with moderate capacity.
  • CHARACTERISTICS - Ideal for Electronic Device That Requires Removable High Drain 21700 Size Battery, Chemistry: INR, Model: 33J, Size: 21700, Style: Flat Top, & Type: Lithium-ion
  • SPECIFICATIONS - Capacity: 3300mAh (MAX), Continuous Rated Discharge: 3.2A (MAX), & Nominal Voltage: 3.56V-3.6V
  • GENERAL KNOWLEDGE TIPS - Fully Charged to 4.2V Before First Use & Use Only Proper Battery Charger That's Designed for 21700 Type Battery
  • BATTERY LIFE CYCLE & STORAGE TIPS - Capacity Drops to 75% After 2000 Full Charge/Discharge Cycles & Must Store the Battery in a Proper Case/Box in a Cool & Dry Place

Product Advantages:

1. Long life, large capacity and good shock resistance

2. Low self-discharge and good discharge performance at low temperature

3. Strong charging acceptance and quick-charging capability

4. Strong over-discharge resistance and charge retention

5. Maintenance-free and no acid or water for maintenance in usage

6. Excellent large current discharge performance, and have obvious advantages in startup and climbing

7. High temperature performance

8. Environmental friendly

9. Lighter weight smaller size

10. Most safe no explosion no fire

Major Application:

1) Portable equipment: Laptop, camcorder, PDA, digital camera, portable DVD etc.
2) Military equipment: IR telescope
3) Medical devices
4) Power tools

5) Battery Packs

6) Electronic Devices


  • High Capacity and Stable Discharge Voltage

  • Light weight, small size and high performance

  • Small internal resistance

  • Outstanding Discharge properties and Storage Capacity

  • Pollution free, long cycle life

  • No memory effect

  • Existing stock for short delivery time.

  • Factory price, high quality


1. When using the application equipped with the battery, refer to the user’s manual before usage.
2. Please read the specific charger manual before charging.
3. Charge time should not be longer than specified inthe manual.
4. When the cell is not charged after long exposure to the charger, discontinue charging.
5. Battery must be charged at operating temperature range 0 ~ 45°C.
6. Battery must be discharged at operating temperature range -20 ~ 60°C.
7. Please check the positive(+) and negative(-) direction before packing.
8. When a lead plate or wire is connected to the cellfor packing, check out insulation not to short-circuit.
9. Battery must be stored separately.
10.Battery must be stored in a dry area with low temperature for long-term storage.
11.Do not place the battery in direct sunlight or heat.
12.Do not use the battery in high static energy environment where the protection device can be damaged.
13.When rust or smell is detected on first use, please return the product to the seller immediately.
14.The battery must be away from children or pets
15.When cell life span shortens after long usage, please exchange to new cells.

Quality Guarantee:

www.eleteks.com is committed to providing you with authentic 21700 lithium-ion batteries. Every battery sold was tested strcitly and of the highest quality.

  • We only sell authentic Li-Ion batteries.

  • The authentic 21700 batteries are well inspected.


  • We totally understand the price is crucial to a wholesaler, so we will do our best to maximize your profits.

  • We won’t ensure you our price is lowest but we ensure you what you paid is the price for authentic rechargeable Li-ion batteries.

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To know more about Samsung INR21700-33J 3300mAh 3.7V rechargeable battery, please check the official Data Sheet with us by following way:

Skype: power4world

Email: sales@eleteks.com

China Samsung High Drain INR21700-33J 3.2A 3300mAh High Capacity 3.6V Li-ion Rechargeable Flat Top Battery wholesale

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